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Private Chef

Tom Tarrant


luxury private chef

A creative, relaxed
fine dining experience

Tom delivers a unique private dining experience, brought to you & your guests in the comfort of your own space. With each dish you can expect a playful combination of vibrant flavours, textures and intricate plating. He brings with him a warm atmosphere and calm demeanor to make it an occasion to remember.

Sample Menus

Expect only the finest local ingredients as Tom picks and cooks his way through the seasons. He brings colour and energy to even the simplest dishes. Whilst every menu is tailor-made to you, here is a taste of what you can expect.

michelin starred meals at home

"Tom always plates to impress"

We had the privilege of Chef Tom taking care of our family and friends in a beautiful St. Tropez villa and he did not disappoint. From day one he showed a positive, above-and-beyond approach. The menu was diverse and delicious. He was sophisticated with taste and always plated to impress - so the camera had to eat first! All of the food stood out across the board, from simple snacks to thoughtfully plated 6-course meals. His ability to work seamlessly with us and our friends was tremendous. He ensured each person (big or small, picky or open to everything) felt like he was just focused on them and their palate.  We can only hope to enjoy the cooking and experience of Chef Tom again.


Signature Services

Delivering his signature-style dishes Tom will create a relaxed, fine dining experience, bespoke for you and your guests.

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Start planning your private dining experience

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